Erikka J

Voiceover Artist | Singer/Songwriter


I mean really…She’s one of the hardest workers I’ve ever seen and I’d be remiss not to say, she is a flat out amazing artist.
— The Cheats Movement

"...a breath of fresh air in the midst of a market shaped by too much substance lacking R&B."

-Hip-Hop Since 1987

"Erikka J, is one of the most soulful singers that we know."

-Exclusive Public

"Erikka J brings a catchy raw soul meets “straight-from-the-crate” hip-hop vibe..."


-Mighty Burners

"Erikka J is making moves lately. AND she’s got killer style. She is a star on the rise...All hail the queen of Posh RVA R&B and hip hop..."


-Sounds of RVA

"Erikka J in particular [has] some pretty amazing soulful ballads to offer..."


-RVA Mag

“Supposed To Love is a very honest track that gives you the feel of a classic Mary J Blige record mixed with soft melodies and uptempo production...Keep your eyes peeled for this young lady in the future as she is proving to be one of the better up & coming female artist in this game."


-You Heard That New

"Erikka showcases powerful vocals, delivering a show-stopping performance of “Lasciatemi Morire” during the chorus."


-Artistic Manifesto

"Erikka J is a talented singer/songwriter who enjoys sharing her soulful jazz sound with audiences."


-WTVR, CBS6, Virginia This Morning